Thursday, March 15, 2007

Progess Pic

I have been working away on my burial wraps for The Preemie Project. A lot of people think this is depressing, and alot of TPP knitters don't knit bereavement items because it is too difficult. But I think of it as a hug for the parents. I hope they are comforted by the thought that someone understood that this would be a difficult time for them, and has prepared for it.
This yarn is really cute, but it is a real pain to work with because it splits a lot! The little nubs of dark blue and white give it an interesting texture. The garter stitch feels very soft and squishy. I bought two skeins of it at a yarn shop in Jacksonville while I was on vacation last week.


Minnesota Mazzio's said...

love it the yarn is so pretty and its looks so soft


Ms. Knotty said...

I think TPP is a great charitable knitting cause. Parents are so caught off guard when this happens that the last thing they are prepared for or want to think about is burial items. Good for you!