Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Links of who I knit for


It is a group that knits for children

And then www.projectlinus.org

And my local cancer treatment center. I also knit through www.charitablecrafters.org

Which is a local group who knits for charity


My Projects

I joined the KAL on Ash Wednesday, and have been knitting daily for charity. I have three projects I am working on: a mint green baby sweater, hats for homeless teens at a group home in Atlantic City, and a burial wrap for The Preemie Project. There are pictures on my blog.
Come on over and take a look!

I am also quilting for charity, and have the fabric washed and pressed. We are leaving for a vacation, and when I get home, I will be cutting out and sewing up the quilts. They are for a charity in Wildwood, NJ that provides a 2 week vacation at the beach for diadvantaged children. They have a huge beach house with 60 beds, and are desperately in need of quilts to replace the more worn quilts on some of the beds.

Monday, February 26, 2007

What I'm working on...

My first project is a prayer shawl for my church's ministry. I'm using some rayon chenille that I got in large cones for $2 a pound. It's a lovely soft pink and will make someone very happy, I hope. It took me a while to settle on the pattern but I chose a crochet one from the Prayer Shawl book that Lion Brand has out ans is available from our church library. It is turning out rather well. I will post a picture in a few days. I haven't decided what I will do next.

I was chatting with a lady at Barnes and Noble today who said that she knits for the local hospitals maternity wards. She makes buntings and matching hats for newborns who've passed away. What a wonderful thing to do to help ease the grief of a mother. You just never know all the ways that someone shares their talents to bless others.

A link....

You can find more information about Afghans for Afghans here: www.afghansforafghans.org (I'm not sure if this will show as a link. I don't know how to put a link in a post.) But here's the url anyway.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good Beginnings....

Hello, I am Lisa. I am trying to use up my stash. During this process, I have discovered charity knitting. I am really enjoying it and this Lint for Lent was just the thing to keep me going. Right now I am knitting a pair of socks for Afghans for Afghans to distribute to school kids in Afghanistan. I am surprised at the progress I can make in 30 minutes per day! I'm not sure what I'll do next....I'll share pictures when the socks are complete.

Super Excited

Hello there. My name is Casey and I live in MN. And I am so excited to join this KAL. I am working on Lapghans for Our local chemo site and blankets for Linus. I also knit hats and booties for charity through Knitting 4 children group on Yahoo. I started today and knit for an hour. I am so glad I have the half hour rule.
Thanks for letting me join


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Get Ready!

Tomorrow is the big day to begin our KAL! I'm really excited to have all of you join us. Please encourage anyone else you know to come along too.

Tomorrow I plan to begin making a prayer shawl for my church. I've got to locate the pattern tonight! :-0

What are you going to start with?

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Guideline for this Knit-A-Long

The object here is to knit or crochet for the charity of your choice during the season of Lent.

Here are the general guidelines:

The Lint for Lent (LFL) Knit-A-Long (KAL) will begin at sunrise the morning of Ash Wednesday, February 21, 2007 (or from the moment you found this and want to join in) and run through the sundown on Easter Sunday, April 9, 2007.

For 30 minutes each day you will create an item for charitable giving. This can be a 7x9 square for Warm Up America, Caps to the Capital, a prayer shawl, a chemo hat, baby hats for your local hospital, you name it. If you want to send me links to free patterns that support this KAL I will gladly post them on the sidebar for all to see.

Please show us your creations from the heart for others to see, admire and be inspired by.

Email me at Ms.Knotty@gmail.com to join!