Thursday, March 1, 2007

Prayer Shawl Miniseries

Hi, I'm Emmy I found this KAL totally by chance when considering giving up knitting for Lent. After joining, I chose Prayer Shawl Miniseries for the group I will donate to. I'm sorry to say that I have only been able to work for about 15 minuets a day instead of a full half hour wail trying to work on my clinical studies at a nursing home, but half is better than nothing at all. I hope God understands.
I'll try to get a picture of my progress here soon. But, if you could, please say a prayer for Iowa. We're in a disastrous blizzard and at least seven lives have been lost at last count. Over 1500 people are without power from the first storm and just today, a second one had hit. I just want everyone to stay safe.

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