Friday, March 23, 2007

Almost Done

I've almost completed the pink prayer shawl that I've been crocheting and a blue one as well. The ruffle on the pink one seems to be taking forever. I started a blue one so that I could test out some yarn to see how it worked up. It was a fun pattern to stitch and looks lovely too. Photo of that upon completion. I also am planning on starting a shawl/scarf for our minister's wife. He's retiring in June after a lifetime of church work and they will be moving to a nearby city. After much contemplation I've decided to make her a dressy scarf rather than a stole, blanket or wrap. I at least believe that she will be able to wear this to church or other outings and it just seems more like her than a shawl. I want it to be something that she will enjoy. I honestly thought I would have aleady completed the 2 shawls by now. Am I getting slower? :-)

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